Lenn Keller was a photographer, filmmaker, and activist who played a significant role in documenting and promoting lesbian culture in the United States.

Fierce Sistahs

Fierce Sistahs! The Activism, Art & Community of Bay Area Lesbians of Color 1975 - Present is an exhibition consisting of four decades of photographs and ephemera documenting the Bay Area lesbian of color community.

Gender Warriors

Gender Warriors is a work-in-progress of color and b&w archival pigment prints of masculine females. The series poses several questions, including; Why is there a societal need for gender normative presentation? Who and what do gender normative presentations serve? Why are those who do not conform to gender normative identities and presentations targets for discrimination and violence?

Black Teens Coming of Age
Another Image: Black Teens Coming of Age is a series of black & white silver gelatin prints, accompanied by text excerpted from interviews conducted of 32 San Francisco Bay Area African American teenagers about the impact of racism, drugs, sexism, AIDS and more on their lives.


Marginal In Nature

Marginal In Nature began as a self-portrait series of ten b&w silver gelatin and mixed media prints exploring the intersections of race, gender and the natural environment. The series has expanded to include other black subjects.

Exhibitions are available to schools, college campuses, galleries, libraries and community groups. For more info. contact: (510) 229-7578 or lennkeller@gmail.com

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