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The situation with drugs now, is pretty bad. Like the drug dealers, who live up the street from us, are always pressuring my brother, who's fifteen, to sell drugs. They don't like my brother, because he won't deal drugs. And, they get mad, and all uptight and stuff, because they want to get him involved in it, but, you know, he's like, "You're out of your mind to be selling drugs." Like, we've been robbed five times, you know. And, the one thing you can't do is, you can't call the police, because it's like, they will find some way to get back at you. It's hard not to get involved for a lot of reasons, but some kids, they feel that it's the only way out, making money from selling drugs. And some, they want to make money for their mothers so, you know, their mothers don't have to struggle so hard. They find this easy way, you know, of making money, so they go for it. And, you know, I can understand that, but, you have to think about it, you could get killed, there's shootings, and all the other stuff.

Age: 14