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I really don't understand why girls these days go through with having a baby. I know why they get together with the guy, but I don't understand why they keep the baby, after all. I know a lot of them think these guys are in love with them, and they want to feel like, "Oh, I'm just so in love with him, and we're gonna' have us this little baby, and it's gonna' be me and him and the baby all bundled up in one." They've got these crazy ideas in their heads, you know. Like the songs on the radio, they just talk about being in love or sex all the time. I don't hear them talking about having kids in these songs, but some girls don't seem to pick up on that. They say, "Oh, I'm going to have the baby and, the baby's going to love me, and the father's going to love me." Then they look up, and the father ain't there. Myself, I have no intention of having any kids until I'm at least 30.

Age: 15