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When I think about the condition and the future of black people, I have kind of a helpless feeling. I know there's nothing I alone can do for everyone. I can achieve for myself. I can help my family and friends. All I can do is fight for the chance, but sometimes, it just looks really bad, with all the progress blacks have made, there's still a lot cutting us down behind our backs. I think a lot of black people can't understand why this is happening, and in frustration and hopelessness, they turn to drugs or alcohol. It's going to take a lot to turn around all the damage, because there are patterns now. The schools don't help much either, because they're racist too, and the history that's taught isn't accurate or complete. They make it sound as as if we haven't done anything, and that just isn't true, because we've contributed a lot. All that has to be changed, for things to get better.

Age: 16