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It seems like white people make a lot of assumptions about black people. Even some of my own friends. We'll be having some deep, intellectual conversation and they'll say something like, "Yeah James, with the exception of you, most black people are like such and such..." I really resent their racially biased opinions, but usually they're more subtle about it. At school, with teachers, it's worse. They usually expect the black kids to not do well, and when they do, they mistrust it. For example, I'm in a lot of the accelerated classes and they figure I'm probably kind of smart, but just in there to meet some quota. I constantly have to prove myself. I've been accused of plagiarism a few times because I've used concepts or words that my instructors assumed were outside of my scope. So I have a thesaurus, big deal. I'm really sick of the assumptions and low expectations.

Age: 17