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It's really ridiculous how people rate each other by what they have or how they dress. But there is a lot of pressure to conform and measure people by looks. Sometimes I even get into it. My mother is real understanding, even though she thinks it's all silly. For example, she tries to get me the clothes I ask for, but she always reminds me that it's really not so important, and that just because all the kids are wearing a certain thing, like 'Troop', or whatever, I don't have to have it too. One day, at school, one friend of mine was putting down this other friend, saying her clothes were bummy. I got pissed and let her know that it really didn't matter how she dressed because if she's a good friend, that's what matters to me. Of course she didn't appreciate me getting her straight, but that's how I really feel about it.

Age: 15