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Sightings Production Journal cont.

Saturday, August 13th
I saw a young black woman in one of the local dyke magazines today -- she would be perfect for one of my leads. I called the magazine and left a message.

Monday, August 15th
More calls to potential crew -- I 'm starting to feel overwhelmed with all the stuff I have to do, but I prefer to talk to people myself at this point. I want to have a sense of who people are -- I want to have a cool crew (hard workers with minimal attitude), people who won't be giving me headaches.
Wednesday, August 17th
I'm meeting with Cindy (D.P.) today, we're going to talk about filmstocks and cameras.
Saturday, August 20th
I got a number on the machine for "that girl" in the magazine. I called it, but she has moved, so. I called the magazine back to see if they had another number. I met with this other woman after work -- I was hoping she might work out as one the main characters -- but no dice.
Wednesday, August 24th
All these people are sending headshots and resumes in response to an ad that I put in this casting newsletter. Most of them aren't even black, let alone queer (can't these people read ???!)
Thursday, September 1st
People who want to crew are sending in their schedules. At least that's coming together.
Saturday, September 3rd
Drove way out to the boondocks this afternoon -- bought a lightmeter from this really bizarre guy who has all this amazing film equipment to sell really cheap. Having a lightmeter will mean I won't have to rent one every shoot. And, when I'm checking out locations with Cindy (D.P.), this will help me figure out the different kinds of filmstocks we'll need.
Friday, September 9th
Location scouting today -- went out to this really cool place by the ocean called "doggie heaven", there's all these paths right by the water where people walk their dogs -- it's gorgeous. If I shoot on a weekday when hardly anyone's there, it will be perfect. I still need a dance club, cafe, an apartment, and a laundromat.
Monday, September 12th
Got some more headshots in the mail today -- a few of them might work out as walk-ons, but where are my leads.
Thursday, September 15th
Less than two weeks away from when I plan to start shooting -- there is just no frigging way. I don't even have a cast yet. I'm just going to have to push the schedule back. I'll shoot the last weekend in October, or the first week of November, or everybody's schedule will get really impossible.
Tuesday, September 20th
Aarrgh, I'm tearing my hair out -- Cindy, my D.P. is probably not going to work out. She's got a couple of projects of her own she's working on. I'm stressing.
Friday, September 23rd
Right on! -- crew are starting to send in their new schedules for October.
Sunday, September 25th
I met with two women (a couple) this afternoon. Both are dancers. They’re a real good possiblity for my two lead characters. All my fingers and toes are crossed.


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